Contact Lenses

Contacts provide you with a new level of freedom!  There are a number of reasons why you might prefer contact lenses over standard eyewear: a glasses free look, hassle free vision correction or wearing non-prescription sunglasses.  Contact lens technology has evolved to a point where virtually anyone can expect clear vision without glasses. Our experienced staff understand the fears and concerns that come with contact lens wear and work with you to make it an enjoyable experience.

Soft Lenses

These lenses are comfortable to wear and must be replaced monthly, weekly or daily depending on the type you choose. Soft lenses are often recommended for sports because they fit closer to the eye and are more difficult to dislodge. They can provide correction for most prescriptions including astigmatism. Today, with the introduction of newer materials like silicone hydrogels, which allow more oxygen to the eye, patients find it easier than ever to wear soft lenses comfortably.

Gas-Permeable (GP) Lenses

Made of moderately flexible plastics, GP lenses offer sharp vision and correct most vision problems. They are more durable than soft contact lenses and can be easier to handle and care for but require a longer adaptation period and consistent wear to maintain adaptation.

Scleral Lenses

Coming Soon!

Multifocal Lenses

In both soft and GP designs, multifocal lenses offer patients both distance and near vision correction just like a pair of bifocal glasses.